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Link Detached House Development, Kenley, Surrey


Demolition of Existing Outhouse/Ancillary Residential Accommodation and Erection of Link Detached Three-Bedroom Dwelling


Abbots Lane in Kenley, Surrey


The project involved the demolition of an existing outhouse and the construction of a new, sustainable and contemporary three-bedroom dwelling. The goal was to create a modern home that seamlessly blends with the green surroundings while providing a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing living space suitable for modern-day family living.

Design Ethos and Sustainability:

The design ethos behind the proposal was to maximize privacy and create a dwelling that harmonizes with its site location. The use of sustainable and environmentally friendly materials was a key consideration throughout the project. These materials were carefully selected to blend into the landscape and provide a subtle appearance that enhances the surrounding environment.

Integration with the Landscape: To minimize visual impact, the new dwelling was positioned at a lower level, ensuring that it sits perfectly within the site.

Additionally, the incorporation of a vibrant green roof and living walls further soften the visual impact from the existing dwelling. These living elements not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also contributed to the overall sustainability of the project.

Seamless Blend with Foliage:

A standout feature of the design is the proposed living wall, which seamlessly blends the dwelling into the existing abundance of foliage, creating a harmonious and visually pleasing environment.

Functional Layout:

The predominantly single-storey design of the dwelling was carefully planned to prioritize convenience and comfort. The main areas of the house, including the kitchen, living, and dining areas, are located on the same level as the entrance. This layout ensures easy accessibility and a seamless flow between the different living spaces. The bedrooms, including a modern master bedroom, and an upper snug room, are also conveniently positioned on this level.


The demolition and construction project at 51 Abbots Lane successfully achieved the goal of creating a sustainable and contemporary dwelling that seamlessly integrates into its site location. By utilizing natural materials, incorporating green elements, and prioritizing functional design, the resulting property offers a modern, comfortable, and environmentally friendly living space that harmonizes with the surrounding greenery. The project exemplifies the successful marriage of modern architectural aesthetics, sustainability, and family-friendly design.



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