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Residential Development, Caterham.


Residential Development of Newstead House.


Markfield Road, Caterham.

Project Overview:

Newstead House, located on Markfield Road in Caterham, is a residential flat block constructed in the 1960s. The owners sought a comprehensive transformation of the building's aesthetics and functionality. The primary objective was to add two new stories atop the existing structure, along with a significant upgrade to the building's facade and materials. The aim was to infuse a modern and innovative design into the property.

The modern concept design not only transformed the exterior but also enhanced the internal layout, optimizing space utilization and providing a more contemporary living experience for the residents.

Residential Development Architectural Design:

Our team was also tasked with providing concept plans and 3D visualization images for the proposed developments. We employed the latest architectural software to create detailed concept plans and 3D visualizations allowing the client to envision their project.

The project not only modernized the building but also enhanced its value and functionality, creating a contemporary living space while preserving the neighbourhood’s architectural heritage.



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