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Residential Extension, Chaldon, Surrey


Proposed Single Storey Rear Extension/First Floor Extension


The Heath, Chaldon


Here at Walk-In Architecture, we embarked on an exciting project at 11 The Heath, Chaldon, CR3 5DJ. Our objective was to create a feature extension that would enhance the rear of the property, optimizing the breath-taking view of the garden and allowing natural light to flood the kitchen, living, and dining areas. Additionally, we extended the front of the property to establish a character-filled entrance, seamlessly linking the three main building elements into a cohesive dwelling. With the addition of a sophisticated feature staircase and a beautiful master bedroom, this project aimed to elevate the existing spaces to a contemporary standard.

Extension Design Highlights:

The design for the single-storey rear extension and first-floor extension project incorporated several standout features:

  1. Maximizing the Garden View and Natural Light: Our glazing system was strategically designed to capitalize on the stunning garden view, ensuring it became a focal point within the extended areas. By optimizing natural light, we aimed to create bright and inviting kitchen, living, and dining spaces, seamlessly connecting the interior with the outdoor landscape.

  2. Character-Filled Entrance: The front of the property was extended, introducing a captivating entrance that added character to the overall design. This architectural intervention not only enhanced the visual appeal but also served as a vital link, integrating the various building elements into a harmonious and cohesive dwelling.

  3. Sophisticated Feature Staircase: A new sophisticated feature staircase was added to the left of the hallway, providing an elegant entry point to the upper levels. This addition not only fulfilled its functional purpose but also became a striking design element, adding sophistication and visual interest to the overall interior composition.

  4. Contemporary Design Aesthetic: Particular attention was given to the rear elevation, where we aimed to achieve a contemporary standard. The design concept and material selection were carefully curated to ensure a cohesive and visually stunning exterior that seamlessly integrated with the existing architectural context.


The result of this project is a truly exceptional and thoughtfully designed home that effortlessly blends functionality, aesthetics, and the surrounding natural beauty. We loved working on this project and are so happy that our clients are happy with their new home.



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